100% herbal capsules for breastfeeding mothers More milk plus, 60 capsules, Motherlove Herbal

100% herbal capsules for breastfeeding mothers More milk plus, 60 capsules, Motherlove Herbal

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100% Medicinal Herbal Capsules for Breastfeeding Mothers More Milk Plus, 60 Capsules, Motherlove Herbal 

The herbal extract to stimulate lactation, MORE MILK PLUS, helps you to have more breast milk in a safe and effective way! This effective combination of herbs is recommended for increasing the amount of breast milk in a period of 24-48 hours. The product has already helped thousands of moms and made their lives easier! It has been tested and tried for many years, recommended to mothers by doctors and counselors to promote breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding is the best choice for both mother and baby. Let's not give up the unique, special relationships that are established between the baby's mother and the effects on health, due to breastfeeding, believing at some point that we do not have enough breast milk for our baby.

The product is prepared by Kathryn Higgins, a world-renowned herbalist. This mixture is patented, protected composed of the most famous medicinal plants for stimulating lactation.

It is recommended by breastfeeding specialists, pediatricians, as an effective solution to the problem of many mothers, to increase the amount of breast milk. The medicinal plants found in the product come from certified biocultures and in many countries around the world have been used for generations to increase the amount of breast milk.

The manufacturer guarantees that Motherlove plant extracts do not contain bacteria, lead and heavy metals. They are manufactured based on the strict criteria of the FDA (Food and Drug Administration, USA)

Method of administration:
Up to 80 kg body weight, 4x1 capsules / day with 30-60 ml of water is recommended. If after 4 days you want to increase the amount of milk, you can take 3x2 capsules / day. The maximum amount allowed is 4x2 capsules / day!
For maximum effect, avoid consuming additional fluids 20 minutes before and after administration. You can also consume teas to stimulate lactation, but we recommend that you do not exceed 2-3 cups / day and that at least 1 hour elapse between the administration of the capsule and the consumption of tea.
If the amount of breast milk is sufficient, you can gradually reduce the daily dose of capsules until complete discontinuation. No continuous administration required!
In most young mothers, lactation is maintained even after stopping the capsules. If the amount of milk decreases again, the product can be resumed.
It can be administered even during breastfeeding. The administration of the product can be started regardless of the baby's age.
It can be given immediately after birth. DO NOT administer during pregnancy!

Concentrated extract of fenugreek, schinel root, nettle, fennel. Motherlove products are made from medicinal plants from biocultures and the finest oils. They do not contain: synthetic perfumes, synthetic additives, preservatives, dyes and chemicals, genetically modified components. USDA certified organic product. The certificate is a guarantee of at least 95% organic ingredients in the product

60 capsules