ACC 600 mg, 2x10 tablets, Sandoz

ACC 600 mg, 2x10 tablets, Sandoz

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ACC 600 mg, 10 tablets, Sandoz 

Pharmacotherapeutic group: expectorants without combinations with antitussives, mucolytics.
Indicated in mucolytic therapy in case of acute and chronic diseases of the bronchi and lungs, with viscous mucous secretion.

One effervescent tablet contains 600 mg acetylcysteine ​​and excipients: anhydrous citric acid, sodium hydrogen carbonate, anhydrous sodium carbonate, mannitol, anhydrous lactose, ascorbic acid, sodium cyclamate, saccharin sodium dihydrate, sodium citrate dihydrate, B Blackberry Fl ”(Aroma of blackberries).

Method of administration:
Adults and adolescents over 14 years of age - half an effervescent tablet twice a day or one effervescent tablet once a day (equivalent to 600 mg acetylcysteine ​​per day).
Effervescent tablets should be dissolved in water and administered after meals.

Precautions: Caution

is recommended in patients with active gastroduodenal ulcer.

It must not be used in patients who are sensitive to acetylcysteine ​​or any of the excipients of the product.
It must not be used in children under 14 years of age (due to its high active substance content). In these cases, preparations with a lower acetylcysteine ​​content are available.
In children under 1 year of age, acetylcysteine ​​can only be given if it is strictly necessary and under strict medical monitoring.
No relevant data are available on the dosage of acetylcysteine ​​in newborns.

10 tablets