Advion Cockroaches Gel, 30 g

Advion Cockroaches Gel, 30 g

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Advion Cockroaches Gel, 30 g


Advion cockroaches gel is an insecticidal bait conditioned in the form of a yellow gel with the active substance indoxacarb, which blocks the functioning of the nerve centers of the pest.

Advion Beetle gel insecticide is formulated as a safe alternative to conventional insecticides to control the main species of house beetles. After a monitoring of the infestation level, the infested surface will be treated by applying in the form of "beads" , insisting where the beetles hide: in the area of ​​the drain pipes from kitchens and bathrooms, under and behind appliances (stoves, refrigerators, washing machines), in the area of ​​door frames, electric meters, in corners hidden from light, where there are cracks in the wall or floor.

Application recommendations -  by means of a syringe as follows:
- Apply 2 drops of gel / m²;
- It is possible to increase the number up to 5 drops / m² in the conditions of a strong infestation, conditions of extreme dirt or in case the Oriental and American beetles predominate.

The recommended dimensions for the drops are:
- The diameter of the 0.1 g drop is 5 mm;
- The diameter of the drop of 0.5 g is 10 mm;
- String of "beads" / drops with a length of 5 cm weighing 0.35 g;

The gel is applied with a gun with different nozzles to form drops of the desired size. It can also be applied in bait stations or similar places. It is applied only in areas inaccessible to babies, children, pets and non-target animals.
When applied outdoors it must be protected against moisture or washing with rainwater;
At the end of the treatment, wipe off the excess product with a paper towel / towel that is thrown in the trash.

Time required for the biocidal effect: 24-60 hours after ingestion.
Do not reuse the packaging and do not release the biocidal product into the environment!

Advion cockroaches gel  contains food attractants that will attract beetles within a radius of a few meters: 24-60 hours after treatment, the first dead beetles will be observed, which, as much as possible, will have to be left in place. Beetles by the nature of the species feed on the excrement of their fellows or the corpses of the dead, and the treatment with Advion Gandaci gel uses this feature in generating a cascade or domino effect: live or young specimens born after the expulsion of eggs by contaminated female beetles. they will consume their dead fellows, in addition to the gel drop, and they will also die in a few days.

Advion cockroaches gel can be applied at any time of the day, regardless of whether there are people inside or not, in hard to reach places, where liquid insecticides cannot be used for safety reasons. The syringe is easy to use and does not pose a risk to humans or pets. 

Its shelf life is up to 3 months, even in conditions of extreme temperatures and high humidity.

Composition: 6g / kg Indoxacarb.

Packing: 30 g syringe.


Producer Syngenta
Packing method 30 g
use Trained staff, population, professionals
Validity (years) 2
Form / Status gel
Application Types direct application - RTU
Active Substance Insecticide indoxacarb
Active Substance Concentration 6 g / kg
Action mode ingestion
Smell odorless
Dosage 0.2 g / mp
Fights the activity kitchen beetles, sewage beetles


P273 Avoid dispersal in the environment
P501 Dispose of contents/container to…
EUH208 Contains. May cause an allergic reaction
H412 Harmful to aquatic life with long lasting effects.