Aliette WG 80, 500 g

Aliette WG 80, 500 g

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Active substance: Fossil aluminum 800 g / kg

Characteristics: Alliette 80 WG is a systemic fungicide for combating bacterial fire in apples, hairs, as well as manna in hops, cucumbers and onions.

Mode of action: Alliette 80 WG contains Fosetil aluminum, which shortly after application, is absorbed through the leaves or roots and produces an inhibition of the plant, resulting in blocking the development of bacteria and pathogenic fungi, as well as the production of new spores. .

It has a high capacity of penetration in plants (less than 30 min), through leaves, flowers, roots and is distinguished by exceptional mobility in the plant due to the complete ascending and descending distribution in approx. 1 hour after application. It allows the long-term protection of vegetative and fruiting organs, including new growths.

Aliette has a very good preventive action, acting by inhibiting the germination of spores and by blocking the development of mycelium in the plant and sporulation.

Advantages of Alliette 80 WG fungicide:

  • Very good preventive action by inhibiting spore germination and blocking the development of mycelium in the plant;
  • Provides long-term protection to the plant, including new growths;
  • It has the unique property of stimulating plant self-defense systems;
  • It does not present a risk of resistance due to the specific mode of action.

How to use: Alliette 80 WG is applied preventively 1-4 treatments every 14 days, at the warning.

Apple, hair: apply a treatment from the pink bud phase - from the beginning of flowering to shaking the petals, to prevent infection that occurs through the stigma of the flower. The amount of solution varies between 1000-1500 liters depending on the type, age of the plantations and the spraying equipment.

Cucumbers: 1-3 preventive treatments are performed, at warning, at intervals of 8-10 days.

Onions: 1-2 preventive treatments are performed, at warning, at intervals of 10 days, from the beginning of the bulb formation up to 75% of the final diameter.

Hops: apply 1-3 treatments, preventive, at warning, at intervals of 14 days, between the appearance of the first lateral shoot until the end of flowering.



Dose / ha

Dose / 10 l water

Break time



2 kg / ha

20-25 g / 10 l water

3 days



2 kg / ha

20-25 g / 10 l water

14 days



5-7.5 kg / ha

15-25 g / 10 l water

14 days

Mar, Par

Bacterial fire

3.75 kg / ha

25-30 g / 10 l water

28 days


Compatibility: Aliette 80 WG is compatible with most insecticides and fungicides, except for dicofol and copper-based products, nitrogen-based foliar fertilizers and nutrient solutions used in horticulture.


Producer Bayer
Packing method 500 g
users Trained staff, Population, Professionals
Validity (years) 2
Forms / State WG - water dispersible granules
Fungicide Active Substance Aluminum fossil
Active Substance Concentration 800 g / kg
Culture cucumber, onion, hops, apple, hair
To combat bacterial fire, manna
Dosage 2-4 kg / ha
Organic crops unfit
Application Types Not