Aloe Ferox, 120 capsules,Herbagetica

Aloe Ferox, 120 capsules,Herbagetica

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Aloe Ferox, 120 capsules, Herbagetica 

Contributes to:
- maintaining normal body weight;
- maintaining the normal proportion of adipose tissue;
- acceleration of intestinal transit;
- supporting the normal activity of the liver and pancreas;
- detoxifying the body by removing water and metabolic residues from the body, thus supporting the normal functioning of the general metabolism;
- normal functioning of the immune system;
- supporting the metabolism of sugars and fats.

Crystallized Aloe Ferox Juice - 460 mg; gelatin capsule.

Aloe Ferox is native to Africa and is known for its powerful colon cleansing properties. A study published in 2004 by Alimentary Pharmacology and Therapeutics and conducted by L. Langmead to observe the effects of Aloe Ferox in irritable bowel syndrome, showed that 30% of the forty-four patients who received this product showed signs of clinical remission or improvement. Based on this study, it was concluded that taking Aloe Ferox for one month reduces the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome.

Aloe Ferox is such a powerful plant that its survival is supported by its own immune system. Experiments have shown that Aloe Ferox stimulates the growth of lymphocytes which are an important part of the defense mechanisms. Aloe Ferox juice also has strong anti-inflammatory, antiviral and antibacterial properties. Unlike Aloe Vera, the Aloe Ferox plant produces 20 times more sap.

Aloe Ferox is a crystalline powder obtained by completely dehydrating the yellow juice (latex) of the plant. The brown-green crystals obtained are a completely natural product, which no longer contains any water or cellulose and is assimilated almost instantly by the body.

Aloe Ferox has a detoxifying effect so strong and complex in action that it is successfully applied in the most diverse cases, from degenerative diseases to diets, where it has a phenomenal efficiency.

Method of administration:
1 capsule 3 times a day.
Cure duration - 10 days with 2 weeks break between cures.
In case of diarrhea, discontinue use.

Use with caution in pregnant or lactating women with diabetes.
Do not use concomitantly with cardiotonic glycosides (digoxin), diuretic antiarrhythmic drugs, corticosteroids, licorice, antidiabetics.

120 capsules