Bettarax Forte, 30 capsules, Rotta Natura - seasonal allergies, low immunity

Bettarax Forte, 30 capsules, Rotta Natura - seasonal allergies, low immunity

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Bettarax Forte, 30 capsules, Rotta Natura 

Bettarax Forte is a natural supplement created to eliminate imbalances caused by allergies in the environment.
Bettarax Forte supports the body in obtaining an adequate reaction to these factors.
It causes a normal reaction of the body to the action of allergens in the environment.
It fluidizes bronchial secretions and promotes their elimination.
Promotes the efficient elimination of toxic substances from the body through perspiration and kidney. It supports the integrity and health of the skin and subcutaneous connective tissue.

Recommended for:
- people with seasonal allergies;
- people with low immunity;
- in respiratory tract irritations;
- skin conditions (such as irritations);
- allergic bronchitis and rhinitis, sinusitis.

Extract 10: 1 from flowers of Three-spotted brothers (Viola tricolor) 80 mg.,
Extract 10: 1 from birch leaves (Betula pendulă) 75 mg.,
Extract from leaves of Mousetail (Achilea milefolium) 60 mg. .,
4: 1 extract from nettle roots (Urticica dioica) 60 mg.,
10: 1 extract from dandelion root (Taraxacum officinale) 50 mg.

Method of administration:
2 capsules per day.

Pregnant or lactating women, people with cardiac or renal edema, people with obstruction of the bile ducts, in the empyema of the gallbladder or ileus.

30 capsules