Biotitus Derma wound ointment, 100 ml, Ganikderma

Biotitus Derma wound ointment, 100 ml, Ganikderma

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Biotitus Derma wound ointment, 100 ml, Ganikderma 

A new medical discovery that solves the problems related to your burns, ulcer, vaginitis, scars, acne, or even mosquito bites.

Wound ointment . Made of natural components.
Epithelisant. Bacteriostatic. Antifungal

100% natural ingredients: Wax, Olive oil, Helianthi oil, Castor oil, Hydrogenate, Bismuth Subgallas, Colophonium, Camphora

Product presentation:
Component Biotitus Derma - 100 ml tube

Therapeutic indications:

Because the product has a good tolerance to the level skin, is indicated in:
Local treatment of deep wounds: first, second degree a and b burns, excoriations, ulcerations, other traumatic wounds and other skin lesions.
Local treatment of pathological scars (hypertrophic scars, or keloids)
Local treatment of bed sores, chronic vascular ulcers
Local treatment of wet eczema, contact dermatitis, psoriasis, radiodermatitis
Local treatment after chemical "peeling" or laser
Local treatment in the donor area skin transplant graft.

 General instructions for use:
 The ointment / ointment tube applicator can be used both during hospitalization and on an outpatient basis, according to the doctor's advice.

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