Bronhoklir for dry cough, 2x15 sachets, Stada

Bronhoklir for dry cough, 2x15 sachets, Stada

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Bronchocler for dry cough, 15 sachets, Stada 

Bronhoklir for dry cough. Natural and emollient formula that adheres to the lining of the airways protecting against the aggression of irritating factors. Mallow extract soothes dry cough and relieves airway irritation. Pleasant taste, enriched with honey and sugar that makes it easy to administer.

 Macerate from Nalbă-mare roots and Chamomile flower extract. Bronhoklir - syrup with Nalbă Mare extract is indicated in relieving the symptoms of dry cough and respiratory tract irritation.

Original presentation for correct dosage and ease of administration. It forms a protective and emollient film, which protects the airways against pathogens. Relieves respiratory tract irritation caused by frequent episodes of cough. It has an anti-inflammatory effect due to the tannin and flavonoids contained in the mallow extract. Role in supporting immunity and vitaminizing the body through the high content of vitamin C. Pleasant taste, enriched with honey and sugar.

Recommendations for use:
 Adults and children over 12 years of age: one sachet of syrup (5 ml) 3 times a day. The recommended duration of use is one week.

 15 x5ml sachets.