Bronhoklir smoking syrup, 2x15 sachets, Stada

Bronhoklir smoking syrup, 2x15 sachets, Stada

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Bronhoklir smoking syrup, 15 sachets, Stada 

Properties of the product
Bronhoklir syrup for smokers contains extracts of cuckoo cucumber, thyme and echinacea, honey, eucalyptus and anise essential oils and a combination of vitamins with antioxidant action.
Specific discomfort caused to smokers by coughing and respiratory irritation caused by smoking requires specific products to help maintain the health of the respiratory tract and to provide a supplement of vitamins A, E and C.

How to use
Adults: an envelope with syrup (5ml) 3 times a day.
Shake before use.
Read the instructions before use.

The syrup contains sugar and, therefore, caution is recommended in diabetics.


15 sachets of 5ml syrup