Calmotusin Junior, 100 ml, Dacia Plant

Calmotusin Junior, 100 ml, Dacia Plant

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Calmotusin Junior, 100 ml, Dacia Plant 

Herbal syrup with acacia honey and cherry flavor.
No sugar, dyes or preservatives.

Main therapeutic areas:
PEDIATRICS - productive cough and dry cough.

Natural formula, designed especially for children, indicated for the natural treatment of dry and productive cough,
decongestion of the respiratory tract and maintaining the health of the respiratory system.
- complex recipe, based on herbs and honey
- optimal concentration of active ingredients, adapted to the needs of children
- pleasant taste of cherries.

Cough of various etiologies, dry (dry cough) or wet (productive cough), whooping cough, spastic cough.
Respiratory diseases accompanied by cough: common cold, respiratory viruses, influenza, acute and chronic bronchitis,
tracheitis, tracheobronchitis, bronchial catarrh, asthmatic bronchitis, asthma, whooping cough.

- acacia honey (80%); soft extract from plant mixture * (11.95%); natural cherry flavor ** (8%),
mixture of essential oils *** (0.05%).
* mixture of plants: plantain (Plantago lanceolata) - leaves (30%); hyssop (Hyssopus ocinalis) - aerial parts (20%); mallow
(Althaea ocinalis) - roots (20%); cuckoo owl (Primula ocinalis) - aerial parts (10%); eggplant (Eryngium planum)
- aerial parts (10%); licorice (Glycyrrhiza glabra) - roots (5%); ginger (Zingiber ocinale) - roots (5%).
** natural cherry flavor: maltodextrin, sodium starch octenyl succinate.
*** essential oils: sweet orange (Citrus sinensis) (45%); lemons (Citrus limonum) (35%), wild mint (Mentha arvensis) (10%),
eucalyptus (Eucalyptus globulus) (10%).
Soft extract, high concentration of active ingredients:
Made by a special extraction technology, followed by evaporation and concentration in vacuo, which allows obtaining and keeping
intact all the active ingredients in plants, in a high concentration, clearly superior to the aqueous extract.

Method of administration:
Children under 3 years: 2.5 ml syrup, 3 times a day.
Children between 3 and 7 years: 5 ml of syrup, 3 times a day.
Children between 7 and 14 years: 5-10 ml of syrup, 3 times a day.
The syrup is administered as such or diluted in 50 ml of water or tea, 30 minutes before a meal.

In diabetes it is used only with the
consent of the specialist.

100 ml