Detralex 1000mg 30 tablets, Les Laboratoires Servier

Detralex 1000mg 30 tablets, Les Laboratoires Servier

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Detralex 1000 mg, 30 tablets, Les Laboratoires Servier 

Purified, micronized flavonoid fraction - 1000 mg containing 4900 mg of diosmin and 100 mg of flavonoids in the form of hesperidin.

Therapeutic indications:
Treatment of symptoms related to veno-lymphatic insufficiency:
- feeling of heaviness in the legs;
- pain;
- restless legs syndrome.
Treatment of functional symptoms related to the hemorrhoidal crisis.

Method of administration:

Always take Detralex exactly as your doctor has told you.
In venous-lymphatic insufficiency, the recommended dose is 1 tablet per day in the morning, during the meal.
In the hemorrhoidal crisis: 3 tablets per day, for 4 days (1 tablet in the morning, 1 tablet at lunch and 1 tablet in the evening), then 2 tablets for 3 days (1 tablet in the morning and 1 tablet at lunch), during the meal.

30 tablets

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