Dicarbocalm, 2x30 tablets, Zentiva

Dicarbocalm, 2x30 tablets, Zentiva

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Dicarbocalm, 30 tablets, Zentiva

A chewable tablet contains 489 mg calcium carbonate, 11 mg magnesium carbonate and 6 mg magnesium trisilicate and excipients - magnesium stearate, croscarmellose sodium 900-1600 HP, providone K30, sugar, talc, peppermint oil.

Symptomatic treatment of painful manifestations of eso-gastro-duodenal diseases that evolve with hyperacidity.

- severe renal failure;
- hypercalcemia;
- calcium lithiasis.

In case of administration to diabetics, the sugar content will be taken into account.
One chewable tablet contains 717.4 mg of sugar.

Doses and method of administration:
The usual recommended dose is 3-4 Dicarbocalm chewable tablets a day, given orally.
The tablets are crushed or allowed to dissolve in the oral cavity.
It is administered after meals or in the painful phase.

30 chewable tablets