Digestion Blend Solaray, 100 capsules, Secom

Digestion Blend Solaray, 100 capsules, Secom

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Digestion Blend Solaray, 100 capsules, Secom 

Helps improve digestion.

- contains fruits, herbs and homeopathic components
- in the form of vegetable capsules, which can be administered in vegetarian / vegan diets

Effects and benefits:
- stimulates digestion by activating the salivary glands, increasing the level of digestive enzymes and draining bile bile in the duodenum - cholagogue effect)
- relieving abdominal pain and reducing flatulence (carminative effect)
- regulating appetite
- reducing intestinal spasms
- reducing the action of harmful microorganisms

Composition (Per 1 capsule):
Patented mixture: 400 mg
(Carica papaya) (leaf)
(Mentha x piperită) (aerial part)
(Foeniculum vulgare) (fruit)
(Zingiber officinale) (root)
(Gentian lutea) (root)
Hot pepper
(Capsicum annuum) (seeds)
Red alga
(Chondrus crispus) ( whole plant)
Gray walnut
(Juglans cinerea) (bark)
Homeopathic components:
- 3x calcium phosphate, 3x magnesium phosphate, 3x potassium chloride, 3x sodium phosphate, 3x potassium sulphate, 6x sodium chloride

Method of administration:
How many 1 capsule 3 times/day at the table with 200ml of water or according to the recommendation of the specialist consultant.  

Do not use by young children, pregnant women, those who wish to become pregnant or breastfeeding, people with allergies to any of the components.

100 vegetable capsules