Enzysol, 10 sachets, Dr. Phyto - Digestive support

Enzysol, 10 sachets, Dr. Phyto - Digestive support

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Enzysol, 10 sachets, Dr. Phyto 

Contributes to the normal functioning of the gastrointestinal tract
Supports the development of normal intestinal flora, prevents and combats dyspepsia and food intolerances and their associated symptoms (nausea, vomiting, feeling of abdominal fullness, flatulence, discomfort or abdominal pain, etc.), supports infant digestion during diversification diet, promotes optimal absorption of nutrients.

Fructose, sorbitol, enzyme mix (amylase, protease, glucoamylase, lipase, cellulase, lactase,
pectinase), pineapple bromelain 2500 GDU / g (Pineapple comosus (L.) Merr strain), pineapple flavor, silicon dioxide (anti-caking agent)
* based on maltodextrin (thickening agent)

Method of administration:
Children 6 months - 1 year: 1 sachet / day, with a doctor's recommendation
Children 1 - 3 years: 2 sachets / day
Children 3 - 12 years: 3 sachets / day
Adults: 4 sachets / day The
contents of the sachet are dissolved in 50 ml of plain water at room temperature.
It is administered during a meal or immediately after a meal.

10 envelopes