First Defense Sirop Childlife Essentials, 118.5 ml, Secom

First Defense Sirop Childlife Essentials, 118.5 ml, Secom

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First Defense Sirop Childlife Essentials, 118.5 ml, Secom 

Strengthen your child's immunity!

- contains colloidal silver with a size of 0.001 microns
- supportive therapy in case of antibiotics or antiviral medication

Effects and benefits:
First Defense contains colloidal silver - a suspension of micro-particles (with a size of 0.001 microns, positively charged ) in deionized water, with inhibitory effect on over 650 types of harmful agents, without them developing resistance to silver. Colloidal silver can be considered a secondary immune system.
- balancing the immune system:
- stimulating the production of IgA, IgM, IgG and T lymphocyte immunoglobulins
- stimulating specific (acquired) humoral and cellular immunity
- increasing the number of phagocytes - cells that absorb and destroy harmful agents
- stimulating nonspecific immunity (innate)
- reducing recovery time
- reducing oxidative stress: silver ions neutralize free radicals

Composition (Per 1 teaspoon (5ml)):
Colloidal silver 60 mcg
Olive 80 mg (Olea europaea) (leaf extract)
St. John's wort 20 mg (Hypericum perforatum) (leaf extract, flower)
Larch Arabinogalactan 15 mg (Larix occidentalis) (bark extract)
Zinc 3 mg

Method of administration:
Intensive: Children 6 -12 months: ½ teaspoon 3 times / day
Children 1-12 years: 1 teaspoon 3 times / day or according to the recommendation of the specialist consultant.
Maintenance: administer the recommended dose 1 date / day.
Administer simply or mixed with your child's favorite drink.
Shake well before use.

Do not administer during chemotherapy sessions unless recommended by a specialist.