Fitonasal Pedriatic Spray, 125 ml, Aboca

Fitonasal Pedriatic Spray, 125 ml, Aboca

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Fitonasal Pedriatic Spray, 125 ml, Aboca 

It can also be used as an adjunct in case of cough, digole caused by retro nasal discharge and middle ear infections resulting from nasal congestion. Ideal for frequent use. The product is indicated from the age of 6 months.

It works thanks to Tannisal, a normalized natural molecular complex composed of a fraction of wild tannin and rock salt (mining salt extracted by tractochemistry), which interacts with the nasal mucosa performing: 1) a decongestant action with a double non-pharmacological mechanism , both by precipitation of bradykinin, the tannins contained in the product are able to disperse this inflammatory mediator, thus reducing nasal congestion, both by balanced and standardized osmolality (600 mOsm / kg) which promotes the recall of water from congested tissues, without irritating and dry mucosa; 2) a protective action that normalizes the nasal mucosa due to the adhesion of active substances and their effective antioxidant action.

Moreover, the product, due to the nebulized jet with continuous flow, has a deep cleansing action on the nasal cavities that removes excess mucus and pesticides, irritants and allergens trapped in it (viruses, bacteria, smoke, smoke, pollen, substances) irritants, etc. .). Due to these characteristics, Fitonasal Pediatric is especially suitable for coughs with nasal discharge in the back. In fact, possible stagnation of mucus in the nasal cavity and the presence of microorganisms and allergens, through retro nasal discharge, can cause coughing or other problems, such as digola mala and otitis media. Pediatric Fitonasal does not contain vasoconstrictor decongestants and, due to its innovative non-pharmacological action, is not addictive, does not dry nasal mucosa, does not irritate and can be used frequently, even for long periods.

The use of the product in infants and young children facilitates recovery at night.

Functional substances: TANNISAL, standardized molecular complex composed of: Hamamelis tannin fraction and rock salt (chemically untreated mining extraction salt). It also contains: water, vegetable glycerin, lemon juice, Nahcolite (natural baking soda).
The product does not contain preservatives.

Method of administration:
Use at least 2 times a day, morning and evening, and whenever necessary.

Do not use in case of hypersensitivity or individual allergy to one or more components of the product. If symptoms persist, consult your doctor. Use exclusively by the nose. Avoid contact with eyes. otherwise, the eyes should be washed with water.
Caution - Pressurized container: may explode if heated. Do not pierce or throw into fire, even after use. Keep away from heat, hot surfaces, sparks, open flames or other ignition sources. No smoking. Protect yourself from the sun's rays. Do not expose to temperatures above 50 ° C / 122 ° F. Keep out of the reach and sight of small children.

125 ml