FortiFikat Maxx Protekt, 30 tablets, Therapia

FortiFikat Maxx Protekt, 30 tablets, Therapia

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FortiFikat Maxx Protect, 30 Tablets, Therapia 

Supports liver health.
Supports digestion and detoxification of the body.
Food supplement

- Both essential phospholipids and armor support the health and normal functioning of the liver.
- Phospholipids are present in the structure of cell membranes, having a role in regulating the exchanges between the internal and extracellular compartment, as well as in the activation of the enzymatic systems at the level of the membranes.
- Silymarin is a complex of flavonoids extracted from the fruits of Silybum marianum (a species popularly called Armurariu, Milk Thistle, Silibel or Scai-variegated), being a mixture consisting mainly of three components: silibin, silidianin and silicristin.
- Armurariu supports the health of the liver, helping to protect it and support the detoxification function.
- Armurariu practically maintains liver function, further promoting digestion and detoxification of the body

- The combination of ingredients in Fortificat maxx protekt helps maintain healthy and normal functioning of the liver
- Fortificat maxx protekt is useful when liver function is required or requires support.
- These components provide a synergistic effect in protecting liver cells.

- Synergistic effect in protecting liver cells
- Silymarin protects liver cell membrane  
- Silymarin reduces intrahepatic fat accumulation and lobular inflammation
- Essential phospholipids regenerate the structure of the cell membrane

1100 mg essential phospholipids / 312.5 mg silymarin

Method of administration:
1 tablet 3 times a day. Swallow the tablets whole with a glass of water.

30 tablets