Foxtrot 69 EW, 1 liter

Foxtrot 69 EW, 1 liter

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Herbicide Foxtrot 60 EW

Active substance:  Fenoxaprop-P-ethyl 69 g / l + cloquintocet mexil 34.5 g / l (safener)

Characteristics: Foxtrot 69 EW  is a selective contact and systemic herbicide, absorbed mainly by the leaves, being translocated acropetally and basipetally to the roots and rhizomes. 

The herbicidal action is manifested in the growth centers, by destroying the growth tissues of the buds and nodes.

The action is immediate, but the symptoms are obvious after 8-10 days after application. After 1-3 days from application, susceptible plants stop growing, after 7-14 days tissue chlorosis becomes evident, and 10-30 days after treatment, chlorotic tissues become necrotic and weeds die.

Foxtrot 69 EW  is in the form of an emulsion, oil in white water, with a slight aromatic odor.


  • Systemic herbicide for the control of annual monocotyledonous weeds in wheat crop;
  • Maximum selectivity for the crop plant;
  • Optimal control of annual monocotyledonous weeds of major economic importance: Apera spica-venti, Avena spp;
  • Selective for culture due to the safener incorporated in the forms;
  • A graminicide dedicated to the protection of cereals;
  • Suitable to apply both in autumn and spring;
  • Compatible with most phytosanitary products used today.

Application method:  To control the target weeds, the treatment is performed after their emergence, recommended as the optimal phase of 1-2 leaves to 3-4 leaves, and to control the seed coat, the recommended phase is 4-5 leaves.

For maximum control effectiveness it is necessary that the weeds are in full vegetation, so in the phase of intense growth, the soil moisture should be sufficient and the air temperature moderate.

Make sure that there are no precipitation conditions for at least 4 hours after the treatment.

In unfavorable conditions, such as drought, heat, cool intervals with low temperatures below the average period or the advanced stage of weed development, it is recommended to apply the combined product with a suitable adjuvant.

The maximum control is obtained when the weeds have 2-3 leaves and until the end of the twinning.

Treated plants:  Wheat

Weeds controlled:  Alopecurus myosuroides (Tail of the fox), Apera spica-venti (Wind grass), Avena spp (Odos), Digitaria sanguinalis (Meisor), Echinochloa crus-galli (Bearded grass), Eleusine indica (Goose grass), Panicum miliaceum ( Mei), Phalaris arundinacea (White Grass), Poa trivialis (Mountain Suvar), Setaria spp. (Mohor), Snowdonia polystacha (Sudan Grass), Sorghum halepense (Costrei).

Recommended dose:  0.9 - 1.1 l / ha;

Water volume per hectare:  200 - 300 l / ha;

Break time:  Not applicable;

Maximum number of treatments per year:  1 per season;

Method of administration:  Foliar spray

Compatibility: Foxtrot 69 EW  is compatible with most plant protection products used in practice (fungicides, insecticides, herbicides and foliar fertilizers), being approved for the same crop. When mixing in the tank with other partners, the mixing recommendations of the partner product must be strictly observed. We recommend a compatibility test before being used in mixtures. 
Avoid  mixing in the tank a large number of products (herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, foliar fertilizers, growth regulators, as appropriate) that can cause highly concentrated solutions with antagonistic or phytotoxic effects.
Do not mix  with products whose label specifies that they must be applied alone or are prohibited from application with this product. 

Culture Target organism Dose / ha Water volume / ha
min & max
Dose per 100 ml
Wheat Annual monocotile weeds  0.9-1.1 l / ha Postermegent 200 - 300 l water 30 l apa / 1100 m²

The dose per 100 ml of product was calculated for the volume of 300 liters of water per hectare. 


Producer Cheminova
Packing method 1 litre
users Trained staff, Population, Professionals
Validity (years) 2
Forms / State EW - emulsion in water
Active Substance Herbicide cloquintocet - mussel, phenoxaprop-p-ethyl
Active Substance Concentration 34.5 g / l, 69 g / l
Against foxtail, crust, bearded grass, wind grass, meisor, mohor, odos
Culture wheat
Dosage 0.9 - 1.1 / ha
Time of application postemergence
Weeds fought annual monocotyledons
Application Types spray residual