Galigan 240 EC, 1 liter

Galigan 240 EC, 1 liter

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Galigan Herbicide 240 EC

Active substance:  Oxifluorfen 240 g / l

Characteristics: Galigan 240 EC  is a herbicide with long-lasting contact and residual action. When applied pre-emergent, the product forms a continuous film on the soil surface which, when crossed by emerging weeds, is absorbed by the hypocotyl and leads to the disappearance of sensitive weeds. When applied post-emergence, it has a fast contact action.

Mode of action: ALIGAN 240 EC contains oxyfluorfen, an active substance in the diphenyl ethers group, with long-lasting contact and residual herbicidal action. When applied pre-emergence, the product forms a continuous film on the soil surface which, when passed through the emerging weeds, is absorbed by the hypocotyl and causes the death of sensitive weeds. In this case, the degree of crushing of the soil is of great importance, so that there are no large lumps of crumbled soil that interrupt the herbicidal film and around which weeds that are not affected by the treatment manage to grow. It is very important that after pre-emergent application, for at least 2 weeks, no machinery is introduced on soils treated with GALIGAN 240 EC, to avoid interruption of the herbicidal film by the wheels or active parts of the machinery. Also, rain or irrigation during the 2 weeks after treatment increases the effectiveness of treatment with GALIGAN 240 EC.

- pre-emergent application -  the residual activity of the product depends very much on temperature and insolation, so that in conditions of low temperatures and low insolation (winter, early spring) the remanence can last up to 5-6 months, while in heat conditions and stronger insolation, the remanence is only 3-4 weeks. Therefore, especially for perennial crops (fruit plantations, nurseries) very early applications are recommended (in the snow must).

- post-emergence application -  GALIGAN 240 EC product has contact action especially on dicotyledonous weeds whose leaves are placed closer to the horizontal and are less protected (with hairs, wax, etc.) and as a result retain more herbicidal solution. Also, due to the lack of any systemic activity, the product does not migrate into the underground propagation organs (rhizomes, stolons, etc.), so that perennial weeds generally recover after treatment. Monocotyledonous weeds are sensitive to post-emergence application only when they are in very young stages (needles), after which they are very difficult to control with GALIGAN 240 EC, being usually necessary a treatment with a specific antigramine.

Treated plants: Sunflower, Onion, Garlic, Fruit trees, Apple, Hair, Quince, Apple and plum nurseries, Forest Nurseries

Weeds fought: 

- dicotyledonous weeds :  Amaranthus retroflexus (newt), Galinsoga parviflora (wild basil), Hibiscus trionum (weed),Portulaca oleracea(succulent  grass), Lamium amplexicaule (sugel), Matricaria spp. (chamomile), Abutilon the , Chennai album (wild spinach), Sinapis arvensis (wild mustard), Solanum nigrum (moth), Veronica spp. (ventrilica), Sonchus oleraceus (soft susai), Stellaria media (rocoina), Xanthium strumarium (horns, the first wave of growth).

- monocotyledonous:  hobbledehoy 240 EC effectively combat (especially in postemergent application early) the following species:  Avena fatua  (odos),  Alopecurus myosuroides  (blackgrass),  Bromus  spp. (Obsiga rye),  Digitaria sanguinalis  (crabgrass),  Echinochloa crus-galli  (bearded grass), Lolium multiflorum  (raigras),  Poa annua  (chrysanthemum),  Setaria  spp. (Mohor).

Culture Weeds fought Time of application Dose
Sunflower Annual and perennial dicotyledons preemergence 1 l / ha
Onions sown directly, Garlic Mono and annual dicotyledons postemergence 1 l / ha
Fruit plantations Seed weeds, annual and perennial dicotyledons, annual monocotyledons - 5 l / ha
Mar, Par, Gutui Annual and perennial dicotyledons Pre and postemergent 5 l / ha
Apple and plum nurseries Dicotyledons and some annual monocotyledons preemergence 4 l / ha
postemergence 3 l / ha
Forest nurseries Dicotyledons (stir, wild spinach, palamid, volbura) and some annual monocotyledons (pir tarator, mohor lat, mohor) preemergence 3-4 l / ha



Producer Adama
Packing method 1 litre
users Trained staff, Population, Professionals
Validity (years) 3
Forms / State EC - emulsifiable concentrate
Active Substance Herbicide oxyfluorfen
Active Substance Concentration 240 g / liter
Against wild basil, foxtail, horned, hirusor, bearded grass, fat grass, meisor, mohor, mohor verde, chamomile, wild mustard, obsiga secarii, odos, rocoina, wild spinach, sugel, susai, teisor, ventrilica, zamosita, zarna
Culture onion, sunflower, quince, apple, hair, plum, forestry, garlic
Dosage 1-5 l / ha
Time of application postemergent, preemergent
Weeds fought annual dicotyledons, perennial dicotyledons, annual monocotyledons
Application Types spray residual, ULV - cold mist