Mask Plus, 30 ml, Solartium Group - Gel for the treatment of inflammatory acne

Mask Plus, 30 ml, Solartium Group - Gel for the treatment of inflammatory acne

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Gel for the treatment of inflammatory acne - Mask Plus, 30 ml, Solartium Group 

The addition Mask gel is and what it is used
Mask Plus gel is a pharmaceutical preparation containing a triple combination of active tretinoin, glycolic acid and clindamycin with demonstrated clinical effectiveness in the treatment of inflammatory lesions associated with acne vulgaris.
Mask Plus gel is the first recommendation of the International Guidelines in mild to moderate acne associated with inflammatory lesions such as papules and pustules and as an adjunct to oral contraceptives in androgenetic acne.

Mode of action
Tretinoin: retinoid for pharmaceutical use with most clinical studies demonstrating efficacy in the treatment of acne vulgaris; contributes to the elimination of black and white dots; prevents the reformation of acne lesions and has an anti-inflammatory effect.
Glycolic acid: exfoliant with the effect of faster reduction of acne lesions and local stimulation of collagen. In combination with tretinoin, it prevents post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and the development of post-acne scars.
Clindamycin: a new generation antibiotic with a higher safety and tolerability profile; prevents the multiplication of pathogenic bacteria involved in the aggravation of acne and has anti-inflammatory effect.

The triple combination of active principles works to:
- reduce black and white spots (comedones);
- reduction of inflammatory lesions (papules and pustules);
- inhibition of local multiplication of pathogenic bacteria;
- prevention of the reformation of new lesions;
- prevention of post-inflammatory pigment spots;
- prevention of post-acne scars.

The hydrogel base is associated with Polyvinyl A. (PVA), a non-occlusive pharmaceutical biopolymer that increases the compliance and safety of Mask Plus gel treatment.

How to use:
One application per day in a thin layer, in the evening, strictly on the affected area.
The product should be removed in the morning by washing.

30 ml