Gerovital Stop Acne anti-acne ampoules, 10 ampoules x 2 ml, Farmec

Gerovital Stop Acne anti-acne ampoules, 10 ampoules x 2 ml, Farmec

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Gerovital Stop Acne Anti Acne Vials, 10 vials x 2 ml, Farmec 

Gerovital Stop Acne Anti Acne Ampoules

- have been designed as an intensive treatment for acne breakouts or for cases of recurrent acne;
- formula for intensive treatment;
- considering the complex problems and the multitude of factors involved in the pathophysiology of acne, to ensure an effective treatment, the ampoules contain a serum rich in active principles that act synergistically and complementary: Synactin AC, salicylic acid, niacinamide, potassium glycyrrhizinate, sodium lactate .

Way of ussage:
Acne ampoules come in the form of a kit with 10 ampoules, necessary for a complete treatment of 10 days. Use one ampoule a day, which is applied in the evening, on clean skin, after cleansing, without being associated with Ultra-Active Cream. Morning care is done according to the daily ritual.
In more severe cases, we recommend continuing the treatment with another 10 ampoules, for the second kit using one ampoule every 2 days.
Do not use in children under 3 years and by people allergic to aspirin.
The vial must be shaken before use! To protect your hands, wrap the vial in a napkin before breaking. To break the ampoule with the protective cap, the instructions can be found in the package leaflet inside the box.
For external use only!

10 vials x 2 ml