Green Coffee Extract, 120 capsules, Rotta Natura

Green Coffee Extract, 120 capsules, Rotta Natura

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Green Coffee Extract, 120 capsules, Rotta Natura

Coffee has well-known effects on increasing metabolism. However, unroasted green beans contain a lesser-known substance, which effectively exceeds the action of caffeine. Chlorogenic acid contained in green coffee beans has a thermogenetic effect that burns fat and eliminates it.
The extract from the product Green Coffee Extract Rotta Natura contains a concentrated amount of it, of at least 45% which ensures the intensification of the metabolism, in a safe and efficient way.

- intensifies lipid metabolism
- supports fat burning
- helps reduce fat deposits in the body
- helps maintain normal blood sugar levels
- antioxidant, protects the body against oxidative stress

- to reduce body weight
- to reduce cellulite
- as a support for people with diabetes

Green Coffee Extract (Coffea arabica) with at least 45% chlorogenic acid: 400 mg

Method of administration:
1 cps x 2 / day

Pregnant or lactating women, people under 18 years of age or those with high blood pressure.

120 capsules