Humer ear spray, 75 ml, Urgo

Humer ear spray, 75 ml, Urgo

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Humer Ear Spray, 75 ml, Urgo 

Hygiene and ear cleaning.
This spray is recommended for cleaning and hygiene of the ear. The glands in the wall of the ear canal secrete cerumen, a yellow substance that protects the ear from dust, foreign bodies and infections. However, wax can build up to form plugs and lead to hearing loss. Regular use of Humer ear spray instead of ear sticks will prevent earwax buildup and plugs.

Instructions for use:
Never remove the transparent end of the sprayer.
1. Spray in each ear - 2 or 3 times a week as a general rule and once a day when exposed to dust or using a hearing aid.
2. Bend your head to one side and remove any residual liquid.
3. Rinse the sprayer with hot water after each use.

Do not use in case of:
- eardrum injuries;
- wearing a tempered aerator;
- the presence of a foreign body in the auditory canal;
- ear infection;
- for children under 30 months of age;
- use of ear drops.

75 ml