I.FIT, 60 capsules, Pro Nutrition

I.FIT, 60 capsules, Pro Nutrition

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I.FIT, 60 capsules, Pro Nutrition 

Food supplement, in the form of capsules, containing carefully selected natural ingredients to stimulate metabolism, control appetite and improve overall well-being.  

I.FIT is a food supplement, in the form of capsules, that contains carefully selected natural ingredients to stimulate metabolism, control appetite and improve overall well-being.  

Coffea Arabica L green coffee extract. by the action of chlorogenic acid stimulates metabolism. It reduces the absorption of glucose in the small intestine and the release of glucose from the liver into the blood. As a result, the body begins to consume fat instead of carbohydrates for energy, which leads to the loss of body fat. Green (raw) coffee beans are known for their strong tonic effect, but they also have properties to accelerate the burning of excess body fat and are a great addition to any diet for weight loss.  

Rubus Ideus raspberry fruit extract through the action of ketones reduces appetite. Raspberry ketones affect the metabolism through two mechanisms, increasing the level of two hormones: norepinephrine and adiponectin, involved in the process of fat breakdown and appetite control.  

Reishi Ganoderma Lucidum mushroom extract detoxifies. Reishi contains over 200 active microelements, the most important being polysaccharides, ganoderic acids, organic germanium, adenosine, amino acids and proteins.  

- Containing only natural bioactive ingredients that act synergistically, I.Fit can be useful in achieving and maintaining optimal body weight. The product is intended for adults who want to lose extra pounds or subject their body to an effective detoxification treatment.  

Contributes to:
- Reduction of glucose absorption in the intestine  
- Stimulation of metabolism;  
- Protecting cells against oxidative stress;  
- Appetite control  
- Improving cell tone and vitality.

- Coffea Arabica L. green coffee bean extract (50% chlorogenic acid), Rubus Ideus raspberry fruit extract (10% raspberry ketones), Reishi Ganoderma Lucidum mushroom extract. Inactive ingredients: capsule shell (gelatin, dye: titanium dioxide), anti-caking agents (magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide).

Nutritional values ​​- 1 capsule
Green coffee bean extract 325 mg
of which chlorogenic acid 163 mg
Raspberry fruit extract 190 mg
of which raspberry ketones 19 mg
Reishi mushroom extract 135 mg

Method of administration:
Take one capsule twice a day 30 minutes before meals with water. During the day it is recommended to consume 1.5 liters of water; for maximum effect, cures of 2-3 months are recommended, followed by a month of rest.
ALLERGENS - The product does not contain substances with potential allergen.

Food supplements do not replace a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle! Do not exceed the recommended dose for daily consumption! Keep out of the reach and sight of small children! The product is not recommended for children, pregnant or breastfeeding women! Consult your doctor before use!

60 capsules