Idelyn Beliema Effect, 10 vaginal tablets, Walmark

Idelyn Beliema Effect, 10 vaginal tablets, Walmark

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Idelyn Beliema Effect, 10 Vaginal Tablets, Walmark 

Medical device with Lactobacillus and Lactic acid
Useful in all cases of temporary change in the vaginal flora caused by bacteria or candida
Can help reduce itching, vaginal secretions and unpleasant odor
Restores and maintains the physiological pH
Dissolves in a few minutes
Beliema Effect is a useful medical device in all cases of temporary modification of the vaginal flora.
Beliema Effect can be used both for foul-smelling leukorrhea due to nonspecific vaginitis or after treatment with chemotherapy and antibiotics for specific vaginitis (Candida, Trichomonas, Mycoplasma, etc.), being a complement to antimicrobial therapy to restore the vaginal flora, thus restoring physical conditions. of the vaginal microenvironment.

Each tablet contains:
Lactobacillus acidophilus (500 million CFU), lactic acid (15 mg increased to 60%)

Method of administration:
1 vaginal tablet / day, preferably in the evening, at bedtime, for 10 consecutive days.

10 vaginal tablets