Irritated and red eye drops Vizik, 10 ml, Zdrovit

Irritated and red eye drops Vizik, 10 ml, Zdrovit

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Vizik irritated and red eye drops, 10 ml, Zdrovit 

VIZIK irritated and red eye drops


- lubricates, soothes and moisturizes the eyes
- helps to alleviate the symptoms associated with irritated and red eyes
- without preservatives

Relieves long-term discomfort caused by:
Wearing contact lenses for a longer period of time time;
External factors such as air conditioning, wind, cold weather, dry air or cigarette smoke;
Too much time spent in front of the computer or concentrating while driving.

1 ml contains: dexpanthenol, carbomer, anhydrous citric acid, sorbitol, water for injections.
Dexpanthenol has the ability to retain water to hydrate and care for the eye surface. at the same time it supports sodium hyaluronate to maintain eye moisture.
The carbomer forms a lubricating and protective film on the cornea and connective tissue, thus compensating for the lack of tear fluid.

How to use:
Apply by pressing, in the conjunctival sac of the eye, one drop 3-5 times a day. DO NOT store in the refrigerator.
Suitable for frequent, long-term use and it is recommended even for people who wear contact lenses, it is not necessary to remove them before applying the product.

vial x 10 ml