K-Othrine WG 250, 20 g, Bayer

K-Othrine WG 250, 20 g, Bayer

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K-Othrine WG 250 is a pyrethroid insecticide, having as active substance deltamethrin, an isomer with proven effectiveness in destroying the immune system of harmful insects.
It is packaged in a special form of water-dispersible granules, which favors a prolonged remanence, and is offered to users in a single-dose package, for easy and economical use.
It is biodegradable, has a high photostability, does not stain, does not leave visible marks after application, is not flammable and is sold in a recyclable packaging.
K-Othrine WG 250 is very effective against the whole spectrum of harmful insects: beetles, flies, mosquitoes, fleas, lice, bedbugs, moths, beetles, earwigs, book lice, spiders, ants, etc.
Due to the high concentration of the active substance (deltamethrin) and its quality, it is recommended by the World Health Organization for residual applications with increased remanence against all vectors carrying communicable diseases (meningitis, malaria, etc.).
K-Othrine WG 250 acts by contact and ingestion, penetrating extremely quickly the protective layer of chitin of insects, paralyzing their nervous system and causing their death.
It is recommended to be used indoors, whether it is industrial, commercial, domestic spaces or spaces of maximum protected hygiene (schools, hospitals, food industry, pharmaceutical industry).

Application instructions:

-To combat flying insects (flies, mosquitoes):

Being a contact insecticide, for an effective and fast treatment it is recommended to apply the solution on all surfaces on which flying insects can be placed.
Inside, the ceilings, walls (preferably from a height of 0.5 m upwards), access areas for pests (edges of doors, windows), surfaces in the immediate vicinity of lighting sources, hidden areas and, only in last resort, the floor.
Outside, emphasis will be placed on access roads for pests, on surfaces in the immediate vicinity of lighting sources, as well as on vegetation within a radius of at least 10m around the access roads (the product is not phytotoxic).

-To combat bedbugs:

The entire available surface of the location (except the ceilings) will be treated with great care, insisting on textile surfaces (sofas, chairs, armchairs, blankets, mattresses, carpets), including the area of ​​solid material (wood, plastic, metal, etc.) used as support for these textiles, furniture, parquet, joint areas (plinths, cable tracks), all hard to reach areas (corners, furniture joints, cabinets, drain areas).
The treatments will be performed with sufficient solution to penetrate the finest cracks of the support on which they are applied (concrete, wood, etc.) and to stay there for a few minutes. It is very important to identify and treat the areas with the greatest potential to host bedbug nests. The treatment is repeated after an interval of 10-14 days, during which time the remaining larvae hatch.

-To combat beetles:

Inside, treat the floors, walls (preferably from a height of 1 m down), hard to reach areas, humid, warm and dark, where it is most likely to be the beetles and the shape of the nests (the area of ​​the drain pipes, behind the household appliances, the food storage areas, the areas where the garbage is stored - temporarily).
It is very important to identify and treat the areas with the greatest potential to host beetle nests; they can be traced for traces of manure (tiny black dots), eggs, larvae or concentrations greater than 5-10 adult individuals at a single point.

K-Othrine WG 250 has a remanence of 10 to 12 weeks, depending on the type of surface on which it is applied and its cleanliness.
On the outside, the product is directly influenced by unfavorable weather conditions (rain, dew, strong sun, etc.).

Dose:  10 g K-Othrine WG 250/10 liters of water / 200 m ²

* In case of massive infestation, the manufacturer recommends doubling the dose.

Targeted pests:  kitchen beetles, caterpillars, fleas, bedbugs, spiders, ants, flies, mosquitoes, wasps, moths

Insecticide composition:  100 g of K-Othrine WG 250 contains 25 g (25%) deltamethrin and co-formulants up to 100 g.

Packaging: pre-dosed sachets 20g (single dose).

Shelf life: 3 years from the date of manufacture.


Producer Bayer
Packing method 20 g
use Trained staff, population, professionals
Validity (years) 3
Form / Status WG - water dispersible granules
Application Types spray residual, ULV - cold mist
Active Substance Insecticide deltamethrin
Active Substance Concentration 250 g / kg
Action mode contact, ingestion
Smell distinguishable
Dosage 10 g / 10 liters of water / 200 square meters
Fights the activity beetles, ants, kitchen beetles, sewage beetles, gargoyles, myriapods, food moths, textile moths, flies, caterpillars, spiders, cereal bedbugs, bedbugs, fleas, mosquitoes, termites, earworms, wasps


P102 Keep out of reach of children
P261 Avoid inhaling dust / smoke / gas / fog / vapor / spray
P273 Avoid dispersal in the environment
P391 Collect product leaks
P501 Dispose of contents/container to…
H332 Harmful if inhaled
H410 Very toxic to aquatic life with long lasting effects.