Kaiso Sorbie 5 EG, 300 g

Kaiso Sorbie 5 EG, 300 g

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Insecticide Kaiso Sorbie 5 WG

Active substance: lambda-cyhalothrin 5%

Characteristics: Kaiso Sorbie 5 WG is a pyrethroid insecticide, containing 5% lambda-cyhalothrin with a unique formulation of the active substance, patented by Nufarm as "Sorbie" technology, in the form of water-dispersible granules. The special WG formulation of the Kaiso Sorbie product offers the user the advantages of handling a granular product, the fast action as an emulsifiable concentrate, residual effect as well as a wide spectrum of action.

Mode of action: Kaiso Sorbie is an insecticide from the group of premium pyrethroids that acts both by contact and by ingestion on a large number of harmful insects that also have ovicidal action. The active substance acts on the central nervous system of insects causing their rapid death. It has a residual effect and is effective at low doses. The active substance is incorporated into a mixture of absorbent material and chemically unique minerals, forming a high quality granule.
 When mixed with water, the content of surfactants and emulsifiers helps to disperse quickly and completely in solution, the resulting emulsifiable concentrate containing a reduced amount of solvent and showing increased efficacy even at higher temperatures than in the case of other pyrethroids. Immediate release of the active substance ensures the effect of shock on pests.

How to use: It is applied by spraying, during the vegetation period of the crops. Avoid performing treatments at high temperatures during the day that cause degradation of the product.

Break time: From the last treatment until harvest, 7 days must pass for apple, cabbage, vine and 28 days for wheat, barley, oats.

Culture pests Dose / ha Dose / 10 l water Break time
Apple Appleworm, Aphids, Mining Insects 0.225 kg / ha 1.5 g / 10 l water 7 days

Cereal cracker, Balos beetle

The red straw worm, Aphids

0.15 kg / ha 1.5 g / 10 l water 28 days
Orz, Ovaz Balos beetle, Aphids 0.15 kg / ha 1.5 g / 10 l water 28 days
Maize Western rootworm 0.25 kg / ha  2.5 g / 10 l water 28 days
Potato Colorado beetle, aphid 0.15 kg / ha 1.5 g / 10 l water 14 days
Rape Rapeseed wasp, Stalk gargle, Shiny beetle 0.15 kg / ha 1.5 g / 10 l water 28 days
Cabbage Buha verzei 0.09 kg / ha 0.9 g / 10 l water 7 days
Vine Vine moth 0.15 kg / ha 1.5 g / 10 l water 7 days
Isolated and alignment shafts The hairy caterpillar of the mulberry 0.15 kg / ha 1.5 g / 10 l water -


Producer Nufarm
Packing method 300 g
users Trained staff, Population, Professionals
Validity (years) 3
Forms / State EG - emulsifiable granules
Active Substance Insecticide lambda-cyhalohrin
Active Substance Concentration 50 g / kg
Effect on bees with
Culture ornamental trees, potato, wheat, apple, barley, oats, corn, rapeseed, cabbage, vines
Organic crops unfit
Action mode contact, ingestion
Get rid of aphids, cabbage beetles, Balos beetles, Colorado beetles, glossy beetles, gargoyles, grape moths, caterpillars, grain bugs, western worms, wasps
Dosage 0.09-0.225 kg / ha
Application Types spray residual
Smell slightly irritating