Lipobase Repair Special Cream for Very Dry Skin , 30 g, Astellas

Lipobase Repair Special Cream for Very Dry Skin , 30 g, Astellas

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Special cream for very dry skin Lipobase Repair, 30 g, Astellas 

Lipobase REPAIR, the first cream for dry skincare, has a fast and lasting effect due to an identical natural lipid complex. Once applied, it replenishes the need synthesized by the skin for several days, allowing it to recover quickly.
Lipobase REPAIR is the one that adds to the skin substances identical to the fatty substances produced by the skin.
These fatty substances penetrate deep into the skin where they are retained to be released as needed. They ensure effective restoration of the skin protection barrier for more than 24 hours after only one application.
Lipobase REPAIR also contains other fatty substances that reduce evaporation more efficiently than regular creams, even in the first 4-6 hours.
It does not contain perfume, dyes or preservatives. Contains 63% fat.

Purified water, mineral oil, glycerol, sorbitan oleate, carnauba wax, ceramide 3, oleic acid, palmitic acid, cholesterol, solid paraffin, white petroleum.

Use Lipobase REPAIR when other simple creams are not enough to keep your skin smooth and supple.
Usually, it is enough to apply Lipobase REPAIR once a day, ideally in the evening. It can also be applied more often, whenever needed.
Because Lipobase REPAIR stays on the skin for a long time, use a small amount each time.


30 g