Nose and eye drops with single-dose seawater Isomar, 24 pieces, Euritalia

Nose and eye drops with single-dose seawater Isomar, 24 pieces, Euritalia

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Nose and eye drops with Isomar single-dose seawater, 24 pieces, Euritalia 

Sea water. Isotonic. Sterile
Newborns, children, adults.

For daily nasal hygiene: in case of cold, sinusitis, rhinitis, allergies in general even to pollen and for those who work indoors but especially in the presence of dust. It can be used to moisten and remove mucus residues and micro nasal bleeding, for hygiene and washing the mouth and eyes in newborns, infants and children, for hygiene and washing the breastfeeding area of ​​breastfeeding women. In adults it allows better drainage of mucus from the nasal membrane. It is indispensable for people who have undergone nose surgery and for people who snore.


For washing the eye surface - in case of dry eye sensation of minor non-pathological discomfort such as stinging, redness, eye fatigue due to external causes: wind, sun exposure, dust, pollen, smoke, salinity, dry climate, air conditioning, heat , prolonged exposure of the eyes to screens (computer), use of contact lenses.

Isomar is suitable for aerosol therapy.

Diluted sea salt water, concentration 0.9%.

How to use:
Use and precautions for washing the nasal area: Detach the dose, break the upper stem by rotating, place the child in a supine position on one side, place the single dose at the entrance to the nostril and press, wipe the nose with a handkerchief. For the child who can use the vial alone and for adults, the vial is positioned at the entrance to the nostril, the other nostril is pressed with the finger to be closed, then the vial is pressed and inhaled, repeating the procedure for the other nostril.

Use and precautions for washing the eye area: Drip one or more drops into the conjunctival sac as needed, whenever needed during the day, the tip of the vial should not come into contact with the eye or eye surface.

Sterile caution, non-injectable solution. Keep the bottle out of the reach of children. The bottle can be closed and reused within 12 hours of opening. Isomar is also available as a spray 100 ml with nebulizer for nasal hygiene and a spare for eye hygiene

24 pieces