Nutrof Total 2x30 capsules, Thea Laboratories

Nutrof Total 2x30 capsules, Thea Laboratories

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Nutrof Total 30 capsules, Thea Laboratories

Nutrof Total is a dietary supplement that supplements the deficiency of antioxidant vitamins and micronutrients, lutein, zeaxanthin, omega-3 essential fatty acids and Vtis Vinifera extract containing 5% resveratrol.
Nutrof Total completes the deficiency of these elements that can be manifested due to aging or due to poor diet (insufficiently balanced, low in fruits, vegetables and fish).
The composition of Nutrof Total was formulated by nutritionists and ophthalmologists specialized in the retina.

Fish oil (omega-3 essential fatty acids), bovine gelatin, purified water, vitamin C, Tagetes Erecta extract containing 20% ​​lutein and 1% zeaxaanthin, plasticizers (glycerol, sorbitol), zinc (sulfate), emulsifiers ( glycerol monosterate), Tagetes Erecta extract containing 10% zeaxanthin, vitamin E (alpha tocopherol), selenium (in the form of brewer's yeast enriched with selenium), Vitis Vinifera extract containing 5% resveratrol, iron oxide dyes black, red iron oxide), copper sulfate, glutathione.

Method of administration

One capsule once a day is preferred during a meal with a small amount of water.


30 capsules