OMK2 ophthalmic solution, 10 ml, Omikron for Diabetic retinopathy

OMK2 ophthalmic solution, 10 ml, Omikron for Diabetic retinopathy

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OMK2 ophthalmic solution, 10 ml, Omikron 

OMK2 Ophthalmic Solution

CE Class IIA Medical Device with
Citicoline + Vitamin B12 in Ophthalmic Solution

Diabetic retinopathy is a common complication in patients with diabetes. Diabetes affects both the vessels and the nerve cells in the retina.
OMK2 is an adjunct in early diabetic retinopathy.
Due to the presence of Citicoline, OMK2 provides a useful and beneficial structural support for restoring the integrity of the membrane of neurons damaged by degenerative eye diseases. Vitamin B12 promotes the growth of corneal epithelial cells and also protects cells against free radicals. Moreover, solutions containing hyaluronic acid are able to create a microenvironment favorable to the healing processes of the ocular surface in case of corneal or conjunctival epithelial lesions. In fact, hyaluronic acid, which is obtained by biotechnological synthesis, gives rise to a mucomimetic, mucoadhesive and vascoelastic solution, capable of improving the stability of the tear film and thus OMK2 keeps the eye surface lubricated, hydrated and protected. 

- patients with early diabetic retinopathy

+ corneal re-epithelialization after surgery, LASER or small abrasions of the corneal surface, sensations of irritation, burning or foreign body.

2% Citicoline + 0.05% vitamin B12 + 0.2% hyaluronic acid with high molecular weight.

How to use:
1 drop X 3 times/day, 10 ml bottle, 30 days of treatment.

10 ml