Potassium 99 mg Kal, 100 capsules

Potassium 99 mg Kal, 100 capsules

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Potassium 99 mg Kal, 100 capsules, Secom 

Helps maintain electrolyte balance and maintain normal blood pressure.

- contains potassium, in the form of gluconate and citrate, 99mg / capsule
- contains 2 forms of potassium, for a wide range of action
- reaches up to 100 days of administration

Effects and benefits:

- maintaining normal blood pressure
- normal functioning of the muscular system
- normal functioning of the nervous system

Composition Per 1 capsule:

Potassium 99 mg
(gluconate / citrate)

Method of administration:
1 capsule 1-2 times / day at meals or as recommended by the specialist consultant.


100 capsules