Profecund B for men 30 capsules

Profecund B for men 30 capsules

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- it acts through different mechanisms on reproductive function in men
- it has a strong antioxidant role, due to selenium, coenzyme Q10 and proanthocyanidins in grape seed extract
- zinc helps maintain normal fertility and reproduction and normal testosterone concentrations in blood
- Maca increases libido, sexual dynamics and improves spermatogenesis.

- improvement of male fertility problems
- increase of semen production
- increase of libido in men
- increasing the capacity of resistance to physical and mental stress, essential condition for maintaining testicular functions in good condition, improving sexual dynamics and sexual performance in men
- improving premature ejaculation episodes

- Maca extract 200 mg     
- Prontoantocyanidine 60 mg
- Oligomeric 60      coenzyme Q10 30 mg     
- zinc 10 mg                
- selenium 55 mcg               
Method of administration:
One capsule daily, for a minimum of 3 months, to obtain stable results over time (or as recommended by the specialist).
Not recommended under the age of 18.

30 capsules