Profecund Ovulation Tests  3pcs

Profecund Ovulation Tests 3pcs

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The ProFecund ovulation test is a rapid immunochromatographic test for the qualitative detection in urine of the luteinizing hormone (LH), to facilitate the detection of ovulation.

Principle of action:
The ProFecund ovulation test is a rapid immunoassay (CIA) test for the qualitative determination of LH in the urine. During the test, the urine sample will react with the colored conjugate (anti-LH monoclonal antibody), which was precused on the test strip. The mixture then ascends by capillarity on the chromatographic membrane.

For a positive result, a red colored band will be formed by the reaction with the specific colored conjugated complex of the LH antibody, in the region of the membrane test strip (two lines will appear). The color intensity of the test line will be the same or greater than that of the control line. For a negative result, the color intensity of the test line is lower than that of the control line.

Performance characteristics

The ProFecund ovulation test detects urinary concentrations of LH equal to or greater than 20 mIU / ml, by the appearance of a red colored strip in the test region.

The accuracy of the ProFecund ovulation test results was verified by comparison with the Qualitative Visual Test. The results indicate 100% compatibility.

Specificity: The
specificity of the ProFecund ovulation test was determined by cross-reactivity studies with other hormones present in the urine (HCG, hFSH, hTSH). For all these hormones negative results were obtained.

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