Profertil for men 180 capsule

Profertil for men 180 capsule

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Vitamin complex for optimizing the fertility of men who want to have children

Carnitine 440mg;
L-Arginine 250mg;
Coenzyme Q10 15mg;
Vitamin E 120mg;
Zinc 40mg;
Folic acid 800mcg;
Glutathione 80mg;
Selenium 60 mcg;

The treatment of fertility problems in couples wishing to procreate has gained in recent years an increasing importance in applied medicine.
The causes of this difficulty to procreate may be related to the reduced fertility for both women and men. Unlike women, who have a variety of therapeutic options, for men the possibilities of improving the only essential factor, namely quality Sperm are extremely limited.

Both the quality and quantity of sperm are influenced by many factors.
Environmental pollution (toxic waste, heavy metals, pollutants, hazardous substances, as well as environmental factors such as continuous and excessive exposure to the sun, various lifestyle factors (eg, nicotine and alcohol abuse) and changes. occurring in the habits of life (intense stress, nutritional deficits) today threatens not only the entire process of spermatogenesis, but also the mobility, appearance and volume of the individual sperm.
The process of sperm production is a very complex and biologically complicated procedure, which lasts several weeks, and can be very easily influenced negatively.
During spermatogenesis, the human body needs special agents (substances) that favor the different developmental stages, such as amino acids, trace elements, vitamins and substances with a role similar to vitamins. Only these specific nutrients provide the optimal premises necessary for normal and spermatogenesis. healthy.

Various habits of life and factors related to the negative style can very quickly lead to deficiencies of these substances, which, in most cases, go unnoticed by the people involved.
From this point of view, there appears to be a need for a regular and balanced intake of these nutrients, in sufficient quantities.

Numerous vital substances for optimal spermatogenesis have already been individually analyzed and described by renowned scientists.
The efficacy of each of the analyzed nutrients remains unquestionable, their positive effect on spermatogenesis being demonstrated by a considerable number of clinical studies and experiments.

The unique formula of individual substances in PROfertil content results from these scientific conclusions, and the efficiency of the specific composition of PROfertil has already been clinically proven.

PROfertil is a specially created combination that improves sperm quality and, consequently, male fertility.
PROfertil is a diet food for special medical purposes and is intended for the dietary regime of male subfertility associated with the diet.

The specific composition of PROfertil, with the efficiency demonstrated by scientific studies, is adapted to the special nutritional needs of the indicated field of use and responds in particular to the increased demands of nutritional substances of men with subfertility caused by the diet.

The results of the scientific studies have shown that the administration of the ingredients contained in PROfertil has the effect of significantly improving the quality of the sperm, until the normalization of the sperm is completed.

L-Carnitine is naturally produced in the body and serves as an energetic substrate for sperm cells. L-Carnitine can cause mobility and sperm quantity to improve.
L-Arginine is an amino acid needed in large quantities by the human body, being demonstrated by scientific studies that improves the quantity and mobility of sperm.
Vitamin E improves sperm mobility and increases the ability of sperm cells to bind to the egg.
Aside from its antioxidant properties and its contribution to numerous biochemical processes in the human body, Zinc trace element improves sperm cell density, increases the number of fast sperm cells, as well as the level of testosterone, which is of major importance in spermatogenesis.
Folic acid: It is vital for cell development and cell division (blood production) as well as for nerve cell metabolism. It also has a protective role in the coronary system. The positive effects of this vitamin have been known for a long time. have done extensive research and supplementation of this vitamin is highly recommended.
Glutathione and Selenium: both are highly efficient free radical scavengers. Both nutrients have been shown to significantly improve sperm mobility in numerous scientific studies.

It is given 2 capsules daily, during the meal or after the meal, along with a drink.

180 capsules