Retinosan, 30 capsule, Rompharm - Eyes support

Retinosan, 30 capsule, Rompharm - Eyes support

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Retinosan, 30 capsule, Rompharm 

Retinosan is a combination of vitamins, natural antioxidants, minerals and blueberry extract, providing adequate nutritional support for proper retinal function.
Hard gelatin capsules containing a complex of vitamins, trace elements and carotenoids that help improve vision and continuation. activities necessary for a normal life.

- Difficulty adjusting the eye to prolonged reading, the influence of light from the computer or TV, wearing contact lenses, prolonged driving, the influence of bright light
- Aggravation of adaptation to low light or dark conditions
- Aging of the retina due to age or degenerative processes
- Processes that lead to alteration of the optic nerve: neuropathies, glaucoma, etc.

- Vitamin C- 60 mg
- Vitamin E - 20 mg
- Vitamin A - 1 mg
- Vitamins from the B-B1 complex (1.5 mg), B2 (3 mg), B6 (2mg)
- Cranberry Extract 100 mg equivalent to 10 mg Lutein and 1 mg zeaxanthin
- Zinc as zinc gluconate 75.58 mg
- Copper 1 mg
- Selenium (sodium selenite) 25 mcg
- Chromium (chromium picolinate ) 0.4 mg
- Blueberry fruit extract 60 mg

Method of administration:
1 capsule / day

30 capsules