Reumax Forte, 30 capsules, Rotta Natura

Reumax Forte, 30 capsules, Rotta Natura

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Reumax Forte, 30 capsules, Rotta Natura 

It has a complex action on the imbalances produced in the body at the osteoarticular level, especially due to wear and tear due to aging. The product acts on the joints at all levels: shoulder, spine, neck, hip, knee.
Claw-Devil Extract mobilizes the body's natural resources to reduce the frequency and intensity of joint pain, willow bark extract contains salicin (phytoprecursor of acetylsalicylic acid) with a specific role in relieving pain. The Herb-face extract (Tănacetum) helps to inhibit the action of pain receptors and Nettle extract helps to eliminate water and toxins from the body and supports the body's self-defense mechanisms.

- reduces the frequency and intensity of osteoarticular pain
- improves joint mobility
- helps eliminate metabolic waste, helping to detoxify the body

- in rheumatism
- in gout
- against joint pain
- in back pain

Extract 4: 1 from the root of the Claw -devil - 250 mg., extract (25% salicin) from willow bark - 200 mg., 4: 1 extract from nettle roots -70 mg., extract (0.2% parthenolides) from the aerial parts of the grass-face -60 mg.

Method of administration:
1 cps twice a day, 30 minutes before a meal

Do not use in people with sensitivity to salicylates, edema due to kidney or heart dysfunction, who retain water due to heart and kidney failure, kidney stones, pregnant or breastfeeding women, children under 16 years of age

30 capsules