Salvigol Spray, 30 ml, Pour

Salvigol Spray, 30 ml, Pour

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Salvigol Spray, 30 ml, Aboca 

- Medical device, specific adjuvant in the treatment of throat irritations;
- Protective action, alleviating specific symptoms, such as difficulty swallowing and the feeling of dryness, burning or pain;
- The special sprayer allows the dosing and directing of the product to a certain area.
Active ingredients:
- hydroalcoholic extract from Izmir (protects the throat); Aloe vera leaf gel (emollient effect), vegetable glycerin, multifactional lyophilized sage leaf extract (Salvigol 2-LMF - protective effect); natural mint flavor, essential oils of: mint, cinnamon (cooling effect).

Administration method:
4 sprays each application. The treatment can be repeated no more than 4 times a day.  

30 ml with spray.