Tarosin, 2x20 tablets, Zentiva

Tarosin, 2x20 tablets, Zentiva

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Tarosin, 20 tablets, Zentiva 

Rutoside 20 mg tablets; ascorbic acid 50 mg.

Pharmacotherapeutic action:
Rutozide (biflavonoid) acts at the capillary level, improving their functionality by reducing abnormal interstitial diffusion and increasing resistance. Ascorbic acid is involved in stimulating cellular respiration and in the synthesis of collagen and the fundamental substance in interstitial tissue, reducing the risk of bleeding by reducing capillary fragility. Both substances have chelating properties. Rutoside protects ascorbic acid from oxidation, the two components mutually potentiating their effects. Tarosin is well absorbed from the digestive tract, eliminated by the kidneys.

Diseases accompanied by capillary fragility or an abnormal permeability of their walls: endogenous or toxic vascular purpura (intoxication with gold salts, barbiturates, salicylates), retinal, digestive, renal hemorrhages, etc. Allergic conditions, hemoptysis, infectious diseases with capillary damage (scarlet fever, typhoid fever, etc.), varicose veins, hemorrhoids.

Dosage and method of administration:

Tarosin is administered on an empty stomach, with very little water, in doses every 2-3 hours.
Adults: 1 - 3 tablets per day.

Bottles of 20 tablets

Storage conditions:
Sheltered from light, heat and moisture.