Toothpaste Childlife Essentials, 60 tablets, Secom

Toothpaste Childlife Essentials, 60 tablets, Secom

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Toothpaste Childlife Essentials, 60 tablete, Secom 

Innovative formula for children's oral health: protects against oral infections and helps reduce plaque formation.


Contains ExoCyan CRAN, patented American blueberry fruit extract
Natural fruit taste, loved by children

Effects and benefits:
- oral health: reduces the number of pathogenic bacteria and their action on teeth
- reduces the appearance of dental plaque: inhibits specific bacterial enzymes of the oral cavity, preventing the appearance of tartar in children
- stimulating the activity of salivary enzymes, contributing to the activation of the natural defense mechanism of the oral cavity
- whitening teeth and increasing their resistance
- reduction of inflammation and sensitivity of the gums, swelling and bleeding gums, bad breath


ExoCyan CRAN3 mg
(patented extract of American blueberry fruit [Vaccinium macrocarpon])
Xylitol    3 years

of administration:

Children : 1 tablet 2 times/day or according to the recommendation of the specialist consultant.
Chew gently until dissolved, brush and then rinse with water.
If the toothbrush cannot be used, the tablets are chewed lightly until dissolved and then discarded.


60 tablets