Uno Bil, 30 tablets, Solacium Pharma - supports the bladder

Uno Bil, 30 tablets, Solacium Pharma - supports the bladder

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Uno Bil, 30 tablets, Solacium Pharma

The 5 natural extracts in the composition Uno Bil act synergistically to stimulate bile flow and contractility of the bladder, the necessary effect of improving biliary dyskinesia

artichoke extract with high content of cynarin and chlorogenic acid show a strong effect of cholagogue (stimulates removal of bile from the gallbladder ) bile is eliminated more easily to contribute to the digestion process.

Chicory extract has an analgesic effect comparable in intensity to that of ibuprofen and acts on migraines of biliary origin and pain. Together with the artichoke extract, it shows antispasmodic effect by regulating the motility of the gallbladder.

The extract of Fumaria officinalis due to its rich protopine content relieves the discomfort of spastic origin of the gallbladder, manifesting a collagen effect.

L-methionine is an essential amino acid and a precursor of cysteine. It is involved in the synthesis of carnitine and s-adenosylmethionine with important biological functions. Methionine metabolism occurs in the liver. Methionine has been used successfully to support liver function but also normal bile flow.

Silymarin is one of the main natural cholagogue that acts as a multifunctional hepatoprotective agent by stimulating the synthesis and secretion of bile acids and activating the biotransformation and elimination of cholestatic compounds from the liver through hepatocytes.
Biliary dyskinesia, biliary insufficiency, indigestion, migraine of biliary origin.
L-methionine 300 mg; fumarite 240 mg; chicory extract 240 mg; silymarin extract 160 mg; artichoke extract 100mg.
Method of administration:
1 tablet twice a day, between meals.
Do not consume by people with hypersensitivity to any of the ingredients.
Do not consume pregnant or breastfeeding women.
30 tablets