Uno Hepatic, 30 capsules, Solacium Pharma - supports the liver

Uno Hepatic, 30 capsules, Solacium Pharma - supports the liver

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Uno Hepatic, 30 capsules, Solacium Pharma 

Supports liver function in people exposed to hepatotoxic substances (alcohol, tobacco, unbalanced diet, daily stress), physical or intellectual overload, adjuvant in hepatitis, cirrhosis, steatosis, dyslipidemia.
The unique combination of essential phospholipids, plant nutrients and vitamins.
Uno Hepatic is a unique combination of ingredients that, through their multiple effects, help maintain the health and normal functioning of the liver.

Calcium 125 mg / 5 ml (15.60% VNR), Vitamin K2 (MK-7) 0.023 mg / 5ml (30.70% VNR), Vitamin D3 600 IU / 5 ml (300% VNR) Essential phospholipids 400mg , artichoke extract 100 mg, choline 50mg, turmeric 50mg, armurariu 50mg, inositol 50mg, vitamin A 400mcg, vitamin B6 2mg.

Method of administration:
1 capsule per day, in the morning

Do not consume by people with hypersensitivity to any of the ingredients or allergy to: soy, dandelion, chicory, sunflower.
Pregnant or breastfeeding women may consume the product only on the recommendation of a doctor.

30 capsules