Uractiv D-manoza 500mg, 20 capsules, Fiterman

Uractiv D-manoza 500mg, 20 capsules, Fiterman

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Uractiv D-manoza 500mg, 20 capsule, Fiterman 

Food supplement with the effect of maintaining the health of the urinary tract.
Uractive D-mannose capsules is a naturally occurring product that acts effectively against the adhesion of pathogens to the urinary tract, but through a non-aggressive and non-antibiotic mechanism.
Uractive D-mannose does not cause disturbances in the intestinal flora and does not lead to the emergence of treatment-resistant strains.
Thanks to the non-toxic mechanism of action, Uractiv D-mannose can be administered both in acute cases, in short-term cures, and in long-term administrations, even for 6 months.

Uractiv D-Mannose capsules contain 500 mg D-mannose, 60 mg vitamin C, 100 mg dry extract of pear root

D-Mannose is a type of sugar related to glucose, but much harder for the body to metabolize and therefore does not cause an increase in blood sugar. D-mannose is completely absorbed and eliminated unchanged in the urine where it prevents the adhesion of pathogenic microorganisms to the wall of the urinary tract, especially Escherichia coli.
Vitamin C is a vitamin with a very important role in the functioning of the immune system. It helps to establish a rapid immune response against a pathogen, including those in the urogenital area.
Dry pear root extract is a very effective diuretic - it increases the amount of urine produced and filtered by the kidneys and causes a mechanical cleansing of the urinary tract along with urine flow.

To maintain healthy urinary tract in people with low immunity.

Method of administration:
Children over 12 years and adults, 1 capsule 2-3 times a day

20 capsules