Varatraz 15% Amitraz Treatment of varroa

Varatraz 15% Amitraz Treatment of varroa

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INDICATIONS: VARATRAZ is recommended in the treatment of varroosis in honey bees.
It is used in the form of fumigation, through the entrance in all the hives, throughout the active season. The most effective treatment is that of autumn, when there is no brood covered up, or it is removed. The first treatment will be done in the spring and will be repeated at 10 days. The next treatment will be conducted after the extraction of the acacia honey and then after the extraction of the lime honey. Another treatment will be conducted in August, after harvesting the sunflower honey. During autumn, there will be conducted 3 treatments every 7 to 10 days. In order to perpetuate the varroosis in the beehives, it is very important that at least the last treatment in autumn to be conducted in the absence of the brood covered up.
The treatments will only be applied when the outside temperature is above 12°C (the recommended temperature range for administration is 14 to 18°C) and the bees are not gathered in the swarm.
The treatments are applied when most bees are in the hive (in the morning or at dusk).

1 ml of antiparasitic solution contains:
Active substance:
Amitraz ……………………………………………………..… 150 mg
Excipients: alkylbenzene sulfonate, triethanolamine, polysorbate 80, xylene.
VARATRAZ will only be administered for the treatment of varroosis in bees.
It is not administered in case of hypersensitivity to the active substance or to any of the excipients.

Administered at the recommended dose, the product does not show ADVERSE REACTIONS. Exceeding the doses, the closing time of the entrance to the hive, and the non-compliance with the ambient temperature can lead to ADVERSE REACTIONS. If you notice any serious reactions or other effects not stated in this leaflet, please inform your veterinarian.

The product is administered through fumigation.
The product – in liquid form – is taken with a pipette with which it’s dripped on the cardboard strip, at an equal distance between drops, as follows:
- Multistoried hive: 2 drops of product/one hive body;
- Dadant hive: 3 drops/one hive body;
- Horizontal hive: 5 drops/one hive body.
If the families were limited for winter and diaphragm, with totally dividing diaphragm, then the quantity of VARATRAZ used will be:
- Multistoried hive: 1 drop of product/half of the hive;
- Dadant hive: 2 drops/two-thirds of the hive;
- Horizontal hive: 3 drops/half of the hive body.
If there are two families in a horizontal hive, each one will be administered 3 drops of VARATRAZ..
For a complete combustion of the cardboard, it will be bent in length or folded in the form of a harmonica. The cardboard will be lit at both ends, will be inserted (without flame) into the hive through the entrance which will be immediately closed for a maximum of 15 minutes.

Honey: zero days.
The honey harvested during the treatment with VARATRAZ will not be intended for human consumption.