ViruProtect oral spray, 7 ml, Stada for cold and flu

ViruProtect oral spray, 7 ml, Stada for cold and flu

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ViruProtect spray oral, 7 ml, Stada 

ViruProtect Stada is an absolute innovation, in the form of oral spray, which acts against cold and flu viruses exactly where they are installed, respectively in the oral cavity and throat.

ViruProtect Stada:
- Blocks viruses in the protective barrier created in the mucosa1
- Reduces the viral load of SARS-CoV-2 by up to 98.3% in just 20 minutes1
- Disables the most common cold and flu viruses2
- Protects the oral cavity and the neck, preventing infection of the lower respiratory

tract3 ViruProtect Stada contains a unique combination of glycerol and trypsin and is used from the age of 4, two puffs every two hours, a maximum of six times a day.

It is registered as a medical device and is available in two forms of presentation: oral spray 7 ml and oral spray 20 ml.

Does not contain:
Sugar or sweeteners
- Gluten
- Lactose
- Preservatives
- Antibiotics or chemical disinfectants
- Potentially allergic flavors
- Alcohol

- when there is a risk of infection
Disables over 90% of cold and flu viruses
- from the first symptoms of colds or flu
Reduces the symptomatic period by half

- Dehydrates viruses
- Calms inflamed mucosa
- Disables viruses
- Prevents their multiplication

Method of administration:
Spray at the back of the neck
- 2 sprays, every 2 hours, maximum 6 times/day
- Do not inhale during spraying
- Use by one person
- Do not use during pregnancy or lactation (no studies)
- Suitable for adults and children over 4 years of age

7 ml