Vitamin D3 oral drops, 20ml, Colief

Vitamin D3 oral drops, 20ml, Colief

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Vitamin D3 oral drops, 20ml, Colief 

Food supplement
Art. 1000016
- 1 drop contains 5µg (200UI) vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol)
- 20ml bottle, provided with a dropper (740 drops)
Colief® Vitamin D3 oral drops is a product rich in vitamin D3 and is an ideal solution for providing the required dose of vitamin D3 for the whole family.
Vitamin D is also called sun vitamin because it is produced by the body naturally when the skin is exposed to sunlight. Vitamin D3 contributes to the normal growth and development of children's bones and to the maintenance of healthy bones in adults. It also contributes to the normal functioning of the immune system.

Recommended daily dose:
- Newborns and breastfed infants (up to 1 year of age): up to 2 drops (10µg) per day
- Children (from 1 year of age) * and adults: 2 drops (10µg) per day.

Ingredients: Medium chain triglycerides, Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol). The product does not contain flavors, added sugar, preservatives or dyes.
* When using the product in children up to 3 years of age, the informed recommendation of the attending physician is required.

Method of administration:
Colief® Vitamin D3 is added directly to beverages or foods. In the case of infants, you can administer the drops in the mouth (make sure that the tip of the pipette does not come into direct contact with the mouth).

Nutritional information:
1 drop contains 5µg (200 IU) vitamin D3 (colecalciferol) = 100% VNR (Adult Nutritional Reference Value, according to Reg. (EU) 1169/2011)

Storage conditions:
Store at a maximum temperature of 25 ° C, in the original packaging.
Consume within 12 months of opening the bottle.
Made in the EU (Ireland)

The product is not recommended for infants and young children who consume 500ml of formula milk per day or more.
Do not exceed the recommended daily dose!
Dietary supplements should not replace a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

20 ml